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Welcome to Time Pressure Press, your free source for nearly all things written from the heart of Ginny Anderson.

Whether you are well down the road of your spiritual journey yet desire a nudge, or you want a clue about where to begin, or you are simply looking for companionship on the way, you are likely to find something of interest to you here.

We offer a wide variety of spiritual/inspirational materials that can be downloaded--for free.  You will receive them as PDF files. 

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Here are a few comments from readers of 'paper copy' Time Pressure Press publications:

"I appreciate so much your depth of thought and insight.  I truly believe God speaks to you and through you to others--me!"     W.S.

"Thank you so very much for 'Come as a Child.'  I can't begin to describe my feelings as I read it over and over again.  I was so touched by the content, your willingness to share, and your great talent in writing.  You helped me to start on my own journey and I can only say a simple 'Thank you'."     L.B.

"I am deeply touched by your openness, your honest gut-level feelings, your seeing God in every day experiences."    C.S.

"I have begun to read 'Called to Serve' and have found in its early pages a true sense of human honesty in the questioning prayers as well as a very real presence of God in the responses.  It is a bold undertaking to attempt to give God's response in such a work, and yet, the whole point of God's coming to us in Jesus Christ is that such an understanding is not only possible but is precisely God's intention."     D.P.

"The God that speaks to me through your books is fast becoming an active part of my spiritual life.  Thank you for helping me become more 'in touch' with God."     D.J.

"I have been reading your books of poetry.  I find them comforting, thought-provoking, inspiring.  The dialogs are terrific mind-stretchers, enticing; they shout of honesty--with ourselves, with our God--putting aside pretensions.  Vitalizing...  When I listen to you, I hear thoughts which have been hiding within myself, unborn, or perhaps denied.  It is somehow refreshing and cleansing to hear them 'spoken aloud' by someone else."     J.O.

"I have often used Ginny's 'books of the seasons' for daily morning meditations.  As a northern Minnesotan, I love the scenes she evokes because they feel just right.  Her daring sharing of conversations with God inspires me to listen more carefully to what Creation is saying to me."     K.H.

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