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Life is a journey  -  We travel through different times and places, with many companions along the way
You are invited to journey with Ginny through her spiritual writings
As you search the following list, may you discover words you need to hear, words which will feed your soul
Blessings on your search  -  Blessings on your journey

"Confessions of a Neurotic Christian"  (1980) - Prayer journal excerpts from the early years of parenting plus more on the process of emotional and spiritual healing.

"The Christmas Bear"  (1981)  -  A collection of poems, prayers, and conversations with God

"The Gift"  (1982)  -  Another collection of poems, prayers and conversations with God

"Letters of Love"  (1985)  -  Writings that reflect God's side of conversational prayers

"Letters of Love II"  (1986)  -  Similar to "Letters of Love."  Volume 2 is more specific, deeper

"Let Me Love You"  (1986)  -  Short prayer journal excerpts in dialogue style, on topics such as Forgiveness, Faith, Making Choices, and Love

"Called to Serve"  (1986)  -  Similar in style to Let Me Love You, especially appropriate for spiritual leaders

"For Good or Evil"  (1990)  -  Conversations with God about the nature of good and evil, and the choices we need to make in our every day lives

"Forgiveness is Real"  (1990) -  Conversations with God on the centrality of accepting God's forgiveness  -  Painfully honest at times, with a powerful message

"All Things are Not as They Seem"  (1991)  -  A novel (fantasy) about what it means to be made in God's image and the necessity and simplicity of resisting evil

"Come as a Child"  (1995)  -  Story poems that tell of Ginny's inner child's relationship with God

"Spiritual Wisdom from the North Woods"  (2009)  -  Compilation of pieces first edited for publication in The Cook County News Herald and The Shining Light         

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